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ABOUT THE TATTOOS- info from Tex Whitson

Our Tattoos are exact reproductions of the original Plaque. Ralph Douglas "GOOBER" Reese, Left handed artist and a drawing wizard did the original Dead Owl.

When you get ready for your Tatt you can copy mine or Maxies. I gave Ray Kelso pictures of mine. I expect he will have his on most anytime now.

When we went down to Tom and Jerry's Tattoo parlor in Long Beach and got our work done.  All piled in 57 Chevies. Made a grand prix run from Ridgecrest to the Pike. Recod time in speed and in consumption of beverage.  Me, Max, Trulillo, Printy, Reese, McLeroy, Seeburger, Ray, Luke, Donahue, (A Chick, who I was sworn to secrecy and have kept my promise) and Miles. (not sure about your Bro)  Some others were there I would have to think about it. We had the guy busy until after closing time. We were the original Tattoo crew. Some others came later. Same Guy did all of ours. Sailor Jerry.   On our LEFT arms. Exception was the Chick who got hers on the Left hip which was ( still is) the custom for tattooing stock in TEXAS. She was a wonderful person, would not give you up even if She was being wired to the Electric Chair,. Solid. Where can you find a Chick like that nowadays? They rat you out for fun now.  ( I did wonder how She explained it in her "New Life, She married a Minister in Texas later on.) I bet that turned the Bible Pounding SOB on.

The Dead Owl Car Club was formed in Ridgecrest 1956.  The idea of a new Car Club occurred when several car owners and racing enthusiast were "Black Balled" and denied membership in an existing Ridgecrest Car club. Reason given, The "applicants were too rowdy and were more involved in Street racing and unruly behavior." 

Several names were suggested for the club  "Dead Owls" seemed to be the right choice. Al McLeroy is generally credited with the name because of his frequent answering " Hang a Dead Owl ON It" when ask a question on any subject. In 1957 the Majority of the club owned "57" Chevys. The Dead Owls were responsible for keeping Trona Hill covered in burnt rubber , warm asphalt and might be blamed for the "first" global warming since we seldom turned the engines off. Dead Owl members were known for racing anywhere, anytime any distance.  They were not known for 'poker runs", "play nice parties", " Beethoven Music discussion groups" or knitting.

There were rumors of local parties, drinking, midnight runs to distant cities to party, pursuit of pretty women and wide open Street racing by the Dead Owls.  "All Of This Was True." Rumors confirmed. The original Club disbanded in early 60's.

The Dead Owl Car Club was resurrected by a group of individuals interested in Auto History and Classic Cars. The Pleistocene foundation and one of the charter members, Tex Whitson are involved in re-establishing the Dead Owl Car Club.

Tex Whitson and Raymond Kelso wandering the desert in Randsburg

Raymond Kelso's '57 Chevy - a very cooool Car!